Home News 'Singapore, you need to grow up': Expat claims 'racist' security guards stopped friends from entering condo – AsiaOne

'Singapore, you need to grow up': Expat claims 'racist' security guards stopped friends from entering condo – AsiaOne

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Racism happens everywhere, even in Singapore.

However, the British expat said it was one of the reasons he got fed up and “moved out of this country.”

In a TikTok video shared on Sunday (November 13), Krishendo said:

In addition to living in Singapore for five years, the Briton said “some things” he saw here left him speechless.


A reason I’m leaving SG – security guards are absolute jobs worth’s! Imagine not letting friends in because they work under work pass or look different. #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #ticktocksg #viral

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To prove his claim, Krishendo shared a “clear example” of what he claimed was an act of racism that took place on Sunday.

Explaining that heavy rains prevented him from getting together with about 50 colleagues and friends at West Coast Park, the man said he chose “Plan B” and invited them to his condo instead.

But a security guard there is said to have stopped several of his migrant worker colleagues waiting at the guardhouse from going up to his unit.

cause? Krishendow, baffled, claimed in the video that they were work permit holders.

The man was “totally fuming” on how to get to the guardhouse, adding, “I’m an EP[employment pass holder]. I have an S pass, a local and a work pass here.” There are people

“Just because they have a certain skin color and nationality, you decide to question them and ask for their pass. What are you doing? It’s f* *******It’s nuts.”

Instead of keeping them at the gatehouse, the condo security guard should have called him to confirm that these migrant workers were his guests, Krishendo said.

He also added that all his guests should have been questioned, not just those with work permits.

He said: ‘Singapore, you have to grow up. You have to get out of this mindset.

“Get me out of this country, I’m done.”

In a subsequent video shared the next day (November 14th), Krishendo acknowledged that racism is everywhere.

Urging everyone to “do better,” he said, “My message is that there is no place on this planet that allows or tolerates racism and discrimination.”

In the comments, several netizens praised Krishendoe for speaking out about racism here.

However, some have pointed out that condo management is probably just following standard operating procedures.


Another TikTok user, Tomytwoboys, reacted to the video by saying that Krishendo is “depressing the whole of Singaporean culture” with his racist allegations.

In this case, the security guard was probably “very kind” in not telling the expat that there was a limit on the number of visitors for social gatherings at the condo.

He said: “Security guards are there to make a living. They can’t bend the rules for anyone.

“Dear friends from afar, thank you for your opinion and desire to leave Singapore.”

Chrisendoe should have hosted his get-together at a land with land, a good class bungalow, or an event venue, Tommy Two Boys said.

He added: “You are here because you want to earn money so that you can return to your country and retire comfortably.

“Don’t confuse racism with rules and regulations.”

AsiaOne has reached out to Krishendo for more information.

In a previous incident in which the same foreigner had a more positive impression of Singapore, Krishendoe Praise the Good Samaritan for returning the lost wallet.

A TikTok video shared in May showed Krishendoe quickly counting cash in her car after collecting her wallet at the police station.

“Whoever handed it in, thank you very much. I hope you and your family have good karma. With your name and number, we can make some compensation and thank you.” ” he said.

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