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Improve Security Guards Efficiency Before And During Shifts

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A security provider’s most important job is to manage a team of security guards. Also, managing security guard hours can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you want to avoid overtime pay and make sure the right security guards are assigned to the right shifts.

Proper assignment of guards, however, does not end the challenge. Rather, it raises some more. Here you have to worry about whether the guards show up on time and are patrolling efficiently.

The right security management platform can go a long way in overcoming these challenges. Helps improve security guard shift efficiency both before and during the shift. Proper use of such tools makes all the difference between making a profit and retaining customers. Here’s a glimpse of how today’s technology can make a difference.

shift scheduling

Having the right guards on the right shifts is a critical factor in the success of any security provider. However, due to inequality and inefficiency in overtime schedules, companies often pay high overtime rates and struggle to secure security guards. They may be able to fill shifts, but the way they do it hurts the company’s bottom line.

Additionally, coordinating client shift requirements, guard time off requests, and other scheduling-related concerns can be a very time-consuming process. Each week, it often takes hours for back office staff to complete security guard duties.

It doesn’t have to be. Advanced scheduling tools can provide a more efficient approach to this critical part of security services. Instead of keeping guard data and client data in separate files and programs, consolidate all information into one easy-to-use platform. With such a system at their disposal, back-office staff can see which shifts need replenishment and which guards are available for shifts. Various scheduling tasks can also be fully automated, such as notifying guards of scheduling changes.

Additionally, these programs allow you to take advantage of customized settings to better organize your guard schedule and eliminate or reduce overtime schedules. This makes your back-office staff more efficient, more productive, and saves your company money.

shift monitoring

An efficient scheduling system doesn’t help much if security guards are underperforming their shifts. But that is a worry of the past. Today’s security guard management systems also allow for the monitoring of security guards during shifts. These systems utilize GPS tracking, geofencing, and electronic checkpoints to automatically record the location of guards. Therefore, there is no risk of receiving an inaccurate check-in report. On top of that, these systems can display real-time location data, so office staff know what security guards are doing during their shift.

This increases accountability and ensures security personnel perform their duties as expected. Live dashboards and push notifications instantly alert back-office staff when issues arise. Smartphone integration also streamlines the incident reporting process. This is another important factor that improves shift efficiency. We can customize the report to ensure you receive all the information you need, and even give you the opportunity to upload images and videos.

This eliminates the possibility of error, enables office staff and clients to respond quickly when additional instructions are required, and improves the ability to mitigate security threats.

improve efficiency

When it comes to managing security guard hours, all measures taken to improve efficiency before and during the shift will go a long way towards the company’s success. By reducing operational costs and improving performance, we deliver greater results for our clients and facilitate business growth.

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