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How To Gain Optimal Performance From Average Security Guards

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All security companies are made up of top performers and average performers. And there is another group at the bottom that causes problems. It’s easy to get top performers to succeed, and it’s not hard to let them go. But what can you do against the average security guard?

Your average security guard is a hard worker and is therefore invaluable to the success of your business. they can get the job done. However, it probably needs a little extra motivation or management to perform at its best. Here are some methods you can implement to get optimal performance from your average security guard.

overlook a resume

The hiring process is the first step in managing and maximizing your security guards. During the interview, ask potential employees what roles they prefer and their goals. This allows them to show their passion and strength.

properly train security guards

Security guards can only do what they know. Security guards need a complete and robust training program to better teach them the profession and show how much they have invested in it.

Because of this, security guards are more likely to put extra effort into their job.

reward loyalty

High security guard turnover is costly given the money and time spent on hiring, training, handling new guards, changing uniforms, etc.

As such, loyal guards are highly valued and should be shown appreciation for their loyalty and hard work by doing or rewarding them for little things.

provide an opportunity

Give your employees a new experience at work. Give your guards the chance to do something they’ve never done before or move to another location.

These simple things can help security guards learn new things, feel trusted in the company, and improve their problem-solving skills. For this reason, diligence and loyalty reward you.

give thoughtful rewards

Find out what your employees like. Do they want framed certificates or financial bonuses? If they do a good job, offer thoughtful rewards and even fair promotions. This helps reduce employee turnover.

Although the number of top and bottom performers is small, the average security guard is the largest section of most security company workers. So getting the most out of your average security guard can be of great benefit to your security company.

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